Having a home is the greatest achievement. This is why one will always want their home to the best from the roof to the walls and the floor as well. In this article, we will highlight the best floor types for homes.

Flooring options

Ceramic tiles


This is the most preferred type of flooring. Mainly because it is waterproof and durable as well. Some types of ceramic tiles have a high gloss finish which makes it look classy. It also has finishes that are matte, glazed, textured and embossed. Some have porcelain color hence good at hiding scratches. They can be used in areas that are watery, or water tends to stand for long. On the other hand, they also have a down side. They can crack or scratch easily. In addition to that, the grout lines are difficult to clean. The low quality ceramic tiles chip when scratched during cleaning.

Hardwood flooring

This is a combination of durability and beauty. It is long lasting and is wear resistant as well. The most common hardwood flooring include the pine, cherry, oak wood and walnut among others. They are easy to clean. However, they require extra caution since they should not be installed in areas prone to wetness unless they are pretreated against rotting. The maintenance of hardwood flooring involves polishing the wood after some time since some types darken with time. Others do shrink or expand hence create gaps in the floor which may make people trip as they pass.

Laminate flooring

This is on the floors that are easy to maintain. Besides that, they are durable, burn, scratch and chip resistant. This type of flooring is best for areas that have high traffic. It can be easily installed, and low maintenance is needed. They are made to resemble natural materials and have many different designs and colors as well. Their downside is that they can easily scratch and cannot be refinished. Should one need to have laminate flooring in moist areas, they will need to use a special type of laminate flooring to suit this.

Marble tiles flooring

They are durable and very versatile. They are best suited for use in hallways. They are easy to clean and can be engraved with designs and textures that will suit one’s preference. They are available in many colors making it best for people to go for colors they want. They also come in different sizes making it easy to install.

Bamboo flooring

This is among the solutions for greener flooring when compared to the other traditional types of flooring. It is durable, comes in different colors and is elegant as well. Besides that, it is strong and easy to clean. However, when it is exposed to sunlight, it tends to darken over time.

One should choose the type of flooring for their home depending on their preferences, needs, and amount of money they have. The type of room in the house will also have some say on the type of floor that will be used. This applies to rooms like the bathroom, kitchen and living room.